Tooth Repair

A cracked tooth is not something to ignore. While many cracked teeth are painful, spurring you to call a dentist, others may not cause any immediate discomfort. At Nautical Dental, we want you to contact us right away if you have a cracked tooth. As part of our general dentistry treatments in San Antonio, Texas, we offer professional cracked tooth repair, with emergency and same-day appointments available to get you the care you need for your damaged tooth.

When a crack forms on a tooth, the tough exterior protecting the more vulnerable interior is compromised, decay and bacteria can enter the tooth, causing infection and damage. Cracks also affect the strength of the tooth – a tiny crack can quickly become larger. Cracked teeth can cause pain, especially when biting down or releasing pressure. The tooth also may become sensitive to heat or cold. If you have any pain or sensitivity with a tooth, you may have a crack, even if you cannot see the damage.



Cracked or damaged teeth can usually be repaired quickly in our office. Small cracks or chips may only require a filling or bonding to restore strength and protect the tooth’s interior. Larger cracks may require more extensive care; some may need a root canal if the interior pulp has been damaged. Dental crowns are another option to repair teeth that have extensive damage. A tooth may need to be removed in rare cases if the damage is too deep to repair. Whatever the situation, our experienced dentist can help remedy the issue in our comfortable and relaxed dental office.

If you have a cracked tooth, you should consider it an urgent dental care need. Contact our office to schedule an appointment. If the tooth is causing you pain or discomfort, let us know. We may be able to schedule you to see one of our dentist on the same day.

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