When many people hear that they need root canal therapy, they envision a painful treatment. The truth is, root canals cause no more discomfort than filling a cavity. The misconception is due to the fact that tooth issues that require root canal therapy are often quite painful. This general dentistry treatment in San Antonio, Texas, is what will stop the pain and save a tooth from extraction. At Nautical Dental, we make sure our patients get excellent care when they need root canal therapy, putting our patients at ease in our comfortable office.

Root canal therapy is needed when the interior of the tooth is damaged. This can be caused by decay that has progressed to the inside pulp of the tooth, or when a tooth is severely impacted through trauma. An infection can take hold inside the tooth, causing inflammation and pressure on the nerve. If intervention through root canal therapy is not performed, the tooth could die and require extraction.



When infection reaches the interior of the tooth, the pain can be unbearable. Root canal therapy stops the pain by removing the infected tooth pulp and cleansing the interior of the tooth. Once the infection is removed, the tooth is packed with sterilized material to seal out bacteria. To protect the tooth from damage, a dental crown is placed over the existing tooth. The source of the pain is gone and the tooth heals quickly after the treatment.

If you have an infected tooth, come see our caring team at Nautical Dental. We will make you comfortable while we perform root canal therapy to stop the infection and pain. If you need extra help relaxing, we have sedation options to make the experience completely stress-free. Contact us today for your consultation – we accept most forms of dental insurance and have financing available.