Living in San Antonio, Texas is a privilege. To live in a place with such rich history surrounding us is a reminder that our future is built on the strength and determination of those who fought for our independence years ago. The Alamo is a constant reminder to our city of our strong “Come and take it!” attitude, and pride. Men such as James Bowie, David Crockett and William B. Travis are men to be admired.

Did you ever wonder how those brave men took care of their dental health? Back in 1836, dental care looked much different than visiting Dr. Cornelius’s office at Nautical Dental today. Toothbrushes cost the same amount of money as three acres of land. They were so expensive that every member of the family shared it until it couldn’t be used any longer. The bristles were usually made from stiff boar’s hair from the back of their neck. The bristles (or hairs) were attached to a bone or bamboo.

Tooth extractions were common when mouth pain was present. Often people would literally “bite the bullet” by holding a bullet between their teeth when painful medical or dental procedures were being performed.

Thankfully, today at Nautical Dental, we offer sedation dentistry for pain and anxiety free dental work. No need to bite any more bullets. We also offer modern tooth extraction methods that will care for all of your needs with care and professionalism. Call and book your appointment with Dr. Cornelius today.